Garage Door Maintenance Methods


Garage doors often operate using complex mechanical systems that require regular checkups and upkeep. Although specialists can be called out in the event of a malfunction, consistent user maintenance is the more cost-effective option. It should be noted, however, that if it appears that parts of the door have already begun to malfunction, or the door is having trouble balancing itself when open, then garage door repair professionals should be called immediately.

Method One: Lubrication

Especially for doors under heavy use, lubrication serves as a cheap yet effective way to administer maintenance. As the door opens and closes, it places weight on the various elements of the opening mechanism in order to propel itself either upwards or downwards. If these elements are stiff or rigid, then the door can have trouble moving; or in extreme cases, fail to move at all. In order to avoid this issue, users can lubricate vital door components. One common mistake is the use of oil-based lubricants such as WD-40, which are viscous and not designed for use with garage doors Instead, bespoke solutions that are cleared for door use should be bought. These are specially made to effectively lubricate the most important parts of the door, which include the rollers, springs, and hinges. If users find that the solution they are using is causing dust or dirt to accumulate near the door's components, then it is likely oil based, and should be shelved in favour of a more appropriate agent. Lubrication is only necessary a few times a year for most doors.

Method Two: Tighten screws and bolts

All doors have at least one set of bolts or screws used to attach the door to the garage wall. These bolts are essential to a functional door, as they prevent the mechanism from falling off the wall and potentially damaging a car (or harming a person). Bolts shouldn't be over-tightened, but they should be rotated until they provide strong resistance. Over an extended period of use, bolts can slowly wiggle out but still sit in the drill-hole; this is why each one should be checked regularly by hand.

Method Three: Check Springs

Older doors use the extension spring system (which runs perpendicular to the door). These springs are placed under tension when the door is closed but relax when the door is opened. Since the springs are under pressure most of the time, they are under high risk of snapping, and as such should be observed regularly for any potential problems. Making sure the springs are rust-free and lubricated is key to maintaining the door system as a whole. Users should also note that all extension systems should feature a safety cable, which runs straight through the center of the spring coil. These exist the catch the spring if it does happen to snap off  unexpectedly. If a door does not have this safety cable, then specialists should be called immediately to install one.

Most doors, however, use torsion springs. These springs are most commonly situated on a bar running parallel to the door, and are in general less susceptible to malfunction than extension sprigs. For torsion spring users, a simple lubrication a few times a year and regular rust checks are all that's necessary in terms of maintenance.

A thir, and uncommon spring system is the tubed spring. This spring is contained in a metal tube in order to protect it from the elements. Most of the time they cannot be maintained by users, and specialists should be called out if there is a suspected problem


18 March 2016

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