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Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home

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When installing a garage door opener, you may be surprised at the number of choices you have for materials and systems used for the opener itself. You may assume that all automatic openers are alike, but this just isn’t the case; like the garage door itself, there are different materials used for the openers, and they all operate differently and may have a wide range of prices as well. Note a few factors about each type of system so you know the right choice for your home. Belt-drive system This system is very popular for garage doors today because it’s very strong, but very quiet. The belt-drive system operates with a series of steel-enforced belts, like the steel belts inside your tires. The steel makes the belts very strong, but the soft material of the belts also makes the garage very quiet. If you’re replacing a noisy garage door or have a garage door located close to or right underneath a living space, the belt-drive system can be the best choice. It allows for the quietest operation of the door so you have the least amount of disturbance. Screw-drive system This system uses a threaded steel rod that slides within a chamber to lift the garage door. It is typically considered the strongest of all the systems and can be the best choice for very heavy, steel garage doors or for oversized doors. Despite its strength, it may also require the least amount of maintenance because it has the fewest moving parts. The screw-drive system may be the priciest system you see because of its strength and longevity, so it may be too much of an investment for a lighter wooden garage door. Chain-drive system This system is the most commonly used for garage doors and includes a system of chains that wrap around a gear or gears to pull the door up or lower it into position. While this system is very affordable, it may also require the most maintenance. The chains may stretch and warp or break over time and are often quite noisy as they lift and lower the door. They also need regular lubrication and cleaning to keep them moving freely. When choosing a garage door opening system, consider your budget, but also the longevity and durability of the system and if it will be strong enough to hold the weight of your door. It might be worth the comfort of upgrading to a belt system so you don’t have the noise of an old chain system with your door. For help selecting the best remote garage door opener for your needs, work with a local garage door repair and installation...

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Why Choose Roller Shutters for Your Home?

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Roller shutters are like a cross between shutters and blinds; they roll up into a housing unit above the window, and they’re typically installed on the exterior of the home rather than the interior. There are many reasons why homes may come with roller shutters or why you may want to have them installed outside your home’s windows. Note a few of their advantages and benefits. 1. Keeps windows safe during storms One major reason to install roller shutters on your home is that they protect the windows during a storm. Hail and high winds won’t break and shatter the shutters as they might your windows. If you live in an area with high risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, or any other type of weather that might break your windows, roller shutters can be a good choice. 2. Keeps windows clean Some storms and other inclement conditions may not be dangerous to your windows, but they can leave them downright filthy. Heavy rains may leave streaks, and when dust is kicked up, this too can add a layer of dirt over your windows that may take hours to clean up. To keep your windows clean, have roller shutters installed so you can just close them in bad weather conditions and protect your windows.  3. Noise insulation Indoor blinds and curtains may do very little to provide noise insulation inside your home, but roller shutter installation can keep out sound waves that travel through your windows. If you live near a school, freeway, production facility, or anywhere else that translates into high levels of noise, consider roller shutters at least for the side of your home facing the nuisance. You can close them when noise levels are at their peak and, in turn, more readily enjoy your home. 4. Safety Curtains and indoor blinds do nothing to enhance your home’s security other than block someone’s view to the inside. Roller shutters, however, can add a level of safety and security to your home. Because they are so sturdy and stiff, they are very difficult to bend or otherwise break so that an intruder can get to your windows. Some may even have a locking feature so that they cannot be easily forced back into their housing unit above the window. If you travel often and are concerned about someone breaking in or just want an added layer of security at night, consider roller shutters that you can close as...

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