How to Paint a Steel Security Screen Door


Painting is the best way to get rid of rust and signs of aging on your steel security screen door. When painting a screen door, you need to have the right paint and apply primer carefully. The following few steps will help you customize the look of your security screen door. Prepare the Surface Remove the handles, strike plates, kick plates and other hardware from the steel door. Many steel doors are weather stripped.

25 November 2015

How to Troubleshoot and Adjust the Photo Eye of Your Commercial Garage Door


The photo eye typical of an automatic garage door is a security feature. When the photo eye detects an obstruction, it prevents the garage door from shutting and potentially averts damage or harm to a car, person or domestic animal in the door's pathway. Basically, the photo eye comprises of two sensors, each on either side of the door, approximately six inches off the ground. A beam is normally directed by one of the sensors towards the other and any interruptions may cause the sensor to break the circuit, stopping the door from shutting.

13 November 2015

Safety Tips for Using Baby Swing Gates


The safety of your child is an important consideration, especially when they are in their infancy. You need to take as many precautions as you can to ensure they are not harmed. Around your house, there can be various hazards that can harm your child. Often, these hazards are ordinary fixtures that you need in the house. However, your baby can easily hurt himself or herself on these fixtures. One of the way you can child-proof your house is to install a baby swing gate.

29 October 2015

The Top Reasons Why Your Automatic Garage Door Doesn't Work


Some problems with an automatic garage door will require the services of a professional, whereas other problems may be small things that you can actually address on your own. Before you call for repair or service, note the top reasons why your automatic garage door doesn't work; even if you can't fix these problems yourself, it can be good to know what to expect by way of repairs. 1. The transmitter is being activated

19 October 2015

Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home


When installing a garage door opener, you may be surprised at the number of choices you have for materials and systems used for the opener itself. You may assume that all automatic openers are alike, but this just isn't the case; like the garage door itself, there are different materials used for the openers, and they all operate differently and may have a wide range of prices as well. Note a few factors about each type of system so you know the right choice for your home.

8 October 2015

Why Choose Roller Shutters for Your Home?


Roller shutters are like a cross between shutters and blinds; they roll up into a housing unit above the window, and they're typically installed on the exterior of the home rather than the interior. There are many reasons why homes may come with roller shutters or why you may want to have them installed outside your home's windows. Note a few of their advantages and benefits. 1. Keeps windows safe during storms

1 October 2015