Three Simple Guidelines for Repairing Your Overhead Garage Door


If your overhead garage door is not working as expected, you should make some time for inspection and immediate repairs. Under ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced repairperson for troubleshooting. However, if the problem is not complicated, you can conduct DIY repairs with relative ease. Here are practical tips to help you resolve the common problems that might cause overhead garage door malfunctions and inefficiencies.

Repair Damaged Metal Tracks

You should inspect the metal tracks in your garage during your repairs. You should make sure that the tracks are correctly secured by the mounting brackets against the wall. If the mounting brackets are loose, you should tighten the fastening screws or bolts for optimal stability and durability. You should also examine the condition of the tracks. If these features have signs of damage such as dents or crimps, you will need to resolve the problems. In most cases, the damaged areas can be restored using a rubber mallet. If you do not have this tool, you can flatten the dents and crimps using a block of wood and a hammer. If your tracks are highly damaged, you should replace them.

Align the Tracks

You should ensure that the tracks are correctly aligned using a level. Garage doors can fail to operate smoothly due to misalignments. You should ensure that the vertical sections of your door tracks are plumb. They should also reach the same height on the walls for stability of movement during operation. If your tracks are misaligned, you should loosen the supporting screws or bolts. However, you should not remove them completely because reinstalling could be challenging. Then, you should tap the tracks lightly to realign them. Use your level to check if they are in the ideal position. Once you are satisfied with the results, you should tighten the fastening screws or bolts.

Check for Loose Hardware

You should check the hardware installed to support your overhead garage door if you are not satisfied with the operation. If there are loose components, you should tighten them for ideal performance. If you have a swing-up overhead door, you should check the plates on which the supporting spring is installed. If there are loose screws, you should tighten them for increased safety and efficiency. If you have a roll-up door, you should inspect the hinges which support the different sections of the door. Replace damaged hinges and tighten loose fasteners. If the garage door's torsion spring is the damaged component, you should hire a professional experienced in garage door repair.


15 June 2018

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