Two Reasons to Invest in a New Garage Door


Replacing your garage door may not be high on your list of priorities; however, there are certain situations in which it may be necessary. Here are two circumstances in which it might be advisable to invest in a new door.

You're concerned about security

The garage door is often described as one of the most vulnerable entry points on a property. This is because most older 'up-and-over' door models are very easy for an intruder to pry open, using just a crowbar and some physical force. These style of doors become even easier to break open if they are in poor condition, with rust-weakened hinges and rickety springs.

Any garage door that features windows is also going to be relatively simple for a burglar to open; they can smash the glass and either climb through (if the window is large enough), or put their arm in and open the garage by pushing the emergency release handle.

As such, if you have been made aware of an increase in burglaries in your local area and are concerned that your current garage door would not be secure enough to withstand the efforts of a determined intruder, it may be time to purchase a new model.

Look for windowless sectional or roller garage doors; these are far more difficult to open than the above-mentioned 'up and over' model. In most cases, a burglar would need to use some sort of electrical cutting tool to create a hole in the door. The amount of effort and noise involved in such a task would usually be enough to deter a potential intruder.

It's also a good idea to look for a garage door that features reinforced deadbolt locks on each side, as well as steel bars around the frame which will help to reduce the likelihood of the door being pried open. Pay attention to the door construction too; if security is a priority for you, then it's best to opt for a double-skinned steel model.

You've noticed signs of water damage in the garage

If your garage door has started to rust or if the impact of a vehicle has left it with a small hole, there's a good chance that it could put all of the items you store in your garage at risk of water damage.

Even a seemingly tiny hole through which rainwater occasionally seeps could end up causing some significant problems over time; if for example, you store important paperwork, books or other personal belongings in your garage, exposure to moisture could eventually destroy them. Additionally, excess water could also lead to the development of mould; this is not just unsightly, but also potentially dangerous, as mould is often considered a health hazard for those with respiratory problems. As such, if you do notice dampness and mould in your garage and you suspect that the water leaking through a hole in the door is the culprit, it may be wise to invest in a new model.


6 February 2017

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