Some Questions You Might Have About Your Remote Garage Door Opener


A remote or automatic garage door opener can work for many years without any type of issue, and then suddenly fail on you one day. You might also notice problems with it working intermittently or the garage door acting up in strange ways when you try to work it. Note a few questions you might have about your remote garage door opener and how it operates so you can troubleshoot these problems or have a repairperson come to your home.

1. Do our new LED lights in the garage make the remote act up?

If you've installed new LED lights in your garage and then notice that the opener doesn't work as it should, note that the lights may be interfering with the radio signals that work the remote control. You may assume that the remote opener is failing when in truth you simply have a shorter range for the signal of the remote. You might want to swap out the LED bulbs for standard incandescent ones or simply get closer to the door before you try to use the remote.

2. Why does the door close only when I hold the wall switch?

Each brand of remote garage door opener is different in how it works with the garage door; most models will not allow the door to close by way of the remote when there is an obstruction in its way. However, some models will allow you to close the door with the wall switch even if there is an obstruction. Note if there is anything in the way of the door or the sensor along the door's tracks. You might also clean the sensor eye with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt, as this may be making the sensor think there is an obstruction in the way of the door.

3. Why does the door hum but not open or close when I use the remote?

If you can hear a humming sound as if the door is attempting to work, this usually means that the problem is not with the remote itself. Instead, the door may have been disconnected from the opener. Check to see if there is an emergency cord that has been pulled which locks the door in place and doesn't allow it to open or close. The owner's manual for your door can tell you how to reconnect the door if you've accidentally pulled this cord and disconnected the door.


22 January 2016

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