How to Paint a Steel Security Screen Door


Painting is the best way to get rid of rust and signs of aging on your steel security screen door. When painting a screen door, you need to have the right paint and apply primer carefully. The following few steps will help you customize the look of your security screen door.

Prepare the Surface

Remove the handles, strike plates, kick plates and other hardware from the steel door.

Many steel doors are weather stripped. Weather stripping is an agent that provides a tight seal and promotes better heating and cooling in interior spaces. Weather stripping should be removed when painting so that it is not messed up. Peel off the weather stripping, if it does not get out easily, protect it using masking tape. Apply masking tape on all the areas that you won't paint.

Remove all the dirt from the door. Vinegar and ammonia are good detergents for removing stubborn stains. Mix vinegar/ammonia with water and apply it on the door. Leave it to absorb for a few minutes then scrub off the dirt with a sponge or brush.

Remove rust with a wire brush and use sand paper to sand the whole surface of the metal door. Sanding the door makes it smooth and helps it absorb paint easily.

Painting the Surface

The first step in painting is applying primer. Primer is a base product that is applied to a surface before painting. Priming is done to help paint stick to the surface. Priming also protects the underlying surface and reduces the need to apply multiple layers of paint.

Primer products are designed to adhere to different kinds of surfaces. Some products bond properly with metal surfaces while others do well with wood or brick surfaces. You should apply an oil-based primer that is meant for metal doors- read the manufacturer specifications of a primer product to determine whether it suited for metal doors.

Apply the primer with a paint brush and leave it to dry for at least one day. Examine the surface to ensure that it does not have paint bubbles and that mildew and rust has been covered. If there are paint bubbles or the rust and mildew has not been properly covered, you can apply another coat of primer.

Finally, apply oil based paint on the metal door. Apply paint using long and even strokes. Load the paint brush with paint when bridging wet areas to avoid brush marks. Let the first coat dry then apply the final coat. Reattach all the hardware to your door and seal the handles, strike plates and kick plate with silicone caulk. For more information, contact a business such as Aus Secure.


25 November 2015

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